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bearishbear‧ish /ˈbeərɪʃ $ ˈber-/ adjective  1 BFSa bearish market is one where the prices of shares are decreasingbullish2 BFSsomeone who is bearish expects the price of business shares to go downbullishbearishly adverbbearishness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
bearishAllmon has been bearish ever since.Granted, the fundamentals that ultimately determine stock-market value are favorable; there is no reason for bearish growls.Sydney: The market shook off its bearish mood, boosted by a weaker local dollar.The most bearish thing is a market that goes straight up.
From Longman Business Dictionarybearishbear‧ish /ˈbeərɪʃˈber-/ adjectiveFINANCE expecting prices on a financial market to fall or economic activity to slow downTrading was bearish after pessimistic weekend news.Today’s report on declining auto sales will provide bearish news for the market.Losses in New York added to the bearish mood.bearish onHe is still bearish on aluminum stocks. compare bullish
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