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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeatenbeat‧en /ˈbiːtn/ adjective [only before noun]  1 off the beaten track/path2 TTRROAD/PATHa beaten path, track etc has been made by many people walking the same way a well-beaten path through the forest3 a beaten person feels defeated and not respected a beaten man who had lost his job4 HCMTIbeaten metal has been shaped with a hammer to make it thinner
Examples from the Corpus
beatenStraggling, beaten columns of troops marched without equipment into the town and out along the main road to Kiev.The floor was of the same beaten earth as in the parlour.Gradually whisk in beaten egg and vanilla essence.Originally decorating the crowns were 150 feathers made of beaten gold, found nearby.She was combing her hair, her face reflected in the mirror sheet of beaten gold.Corbett trudged down the beaten, muddy track; the sky was overcast and a light rain began to fall.She felt beaten, rejected and betrayed and all she wanted now was the sanctuary of her own room.
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