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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeaubeau /bəʊ $ boʊ/ noun (plural beaux /bəʊz $ boʊz/ or beaus) [countable] old-fashioned  1 GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIENDa woman’s close friend or lover2 DCMANa fashionable well-dressed man
Examples from the Corpus
beauMarjorie brought a beau to Prides, and Margarett flirted with him, even, Betty thought, took him to bed.Margarett took a beau to their apartment for dinner and scandalized her old friends by visibly holding his hand.She'd arrived in the sidecar of Miss Brahms's current beau and her coiffure had suffered terrible punishment as a result.I was very shy but his mischievous grin put me at my ease and we strolled along behind Sally and her beau.
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