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beautiful/stupid/adorable etc creature

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeautiful/stupid/adorable etc creaturebeautiful/stupid/adorable etc creatureliteraryPERSON/PEOPLE someone who has a particular character or quality He was the most beautiful creature Dot had ever seen. creature
Examples from the Corpus
beautiful/stupid/adorable etc creatureTo me, Dominic was always a beautiful creature.His doe's a beautiful creature, too.The Copper Beech Naiads were the most beautiful creatures any of them had ever seen.Dominic remains, I would say, a preposterously beautiful creature.Drank five margaritas and waxed poetic about my screenplay to some adorable creature.It is the same with visual responses to light and darkness, to summer and winter, to beautiful creatures or plants.I was there till I was eighteen: marriage would be fun; husbands were adorable creatures.They were beautiful creatures with red legs, black head and thorax, and black white-ringed antennae.
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