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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeautybeau‧ty /ˈbjuːti/ ●●● S3 W2 noun (plural beauties)  1 appearance [uncountable]BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING a quality that people, places, or things have that makes them very attractive to look at her beauty and grace an area of outstanding natural beauty Millions of dollars are spent each year on beauty products.2 womanBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING [countable] a woman who is very beautiful She was considered a great beauty in her youth.3 poem/music/emotion etc [uncountable]GOOD/EXCELLENT a quality that something such as a poem, song, emotion etc has that gives you pleasure or joybeauty of the beauty of Shakespeare’s verse4 the beauty of something5 GOOD EXAMPLE[countable] spokenUNUSUAL a very good, large etc example of something You should have seen the boat – a real beauty.6 beauty is in the eye of the beholder7 beauty is only skin-deepTHESAURUSbeauty the quality of being very attractive to look at – used about people, objects, and placesShe was greatly admired for her beauty and intelligence.the natural beauty of the landscape.The Ancient Greeks created statues of outstanding beauty and dignity.somebody’s good looks someone’s attractive appearance, especially their face and featuresWith his dark good looks, Jason could have been a film star.glamour an exciting quality which makes someone or something seem attractive and connected with wealth and successMen loved her for her beauty and her glamour.Add a black lace top for a touch of glamour.aesthetic adjective connected with beauty and the study of beautyThe aesthetic value of their work is easy to appreciate.the declining aesthetic standards of our civilizationThe aesthetic qualities in a Buddhist sculpture are similar to those in any other work of art.
Examples from the Corpus
beautyShe was once considered quite a beauty.He had written a poem about Sylvia, praising her charm and beauty.This was the birthplace of the Renaissance and its streets revel in artistic beauty.Today the bucolic beauty of the region hides a deeply entrenched and long-standing poverty.She has a sort of degenerate beauty.I found the temple a place of great beauty.But even the hidden threat down there was part of its beauty for him.Millions are spent every year on beauty products.Eric's new car is a real beauty.I was impressed by the beauty and warmth of the people.Shaw was moved by the beauty of Handel's music.This may help one to see the beauty and wisdom of the natural world in a much more positive light.the beauty of America's national parksthe beauty of the countryside in springAfter that we found more dead birds, their beauty still unspoiled.This beauty comes from Sumatra and prefers soft acid water, which will coax out its best colouration.natural beautyPamper a friend with a natural beauty product by post.This is a very large tank indeed, a place of great natural beauty and the centrepiece of Gol-Oya National Park.Our grandchildren should not have to live in a world stripped of its natural beauty.Traffic is horrendous, walking dangerous and any semblance of natural beauty largely absent.Formerly farmland, it's in the Blythe Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty with topography just made for golf.An area of outstanding natural beauty.So conservationists hope they can preserve the area's outstanding natural beauty and cater for the tourists too.The verderers also have powers for the preservation of the natural beauty and the flora and fauna of the forest.
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