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bedheadbed‧head /ˈbedhed/ noun [countable] British English  DHFthe part of a bed that is behind your head when you are sleeping syn headboard
Examples from the Corpus
bedheadThe bed and bedhead are from the same era and are made of brass.The door is flush with the wall and the mirror above the bedhead.Finally he let go, falling against the bedhead, elbows on knees, panting like a runner after a close finish.Ellwood yanked, and the back of her skull slammed up against the bedhead.Nathan's gaze flickered over her, his own thoughts hidden behind eyes reflecting the soft glow of the bedhead lamp.She reached out to switch on the bedhead light and realised that the blackness of night had been replaced by grey gloom.This time he was squeezing the bedhead.The bedhead was florid and overblown, its shiny walnut carvings reaching almost to the ceiling.
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