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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedraggledbe‧drag‧gled /bɪˈdræɡəld/ adjective  UNTIDYlooking untidy, wet, and dirty, especially because you have been out in the rain Bedraggled soldiers crawled into camp.
Examples from the Corpus
bedraggledThe heel of her shoe had kicked out the hem and the skirt was bedraggled.The children walked along the path, looking miserable and bedraggled after the storm.He was bedraggled and exhausted, but it was he who was speaking.For the first few weeks their existence was bedraggled and formless.I turned up my coat collar to meet my hat brim and hunched defensively, like a bedraggled bird.The formalities were completed sitting on a makeshift seat of boxes surrounded by a rather bedraggled crowd of schoolboys.A rather bedraggled crowd waited outside in the pouring rain.He was an alarmingly tall and thin individual, whose long, bedraggled dark hair fell nearly to his waist.One by one the men made the shore, weary and bedraggled, limbs aching from the strain of fighting the storm.Trucks carried hundreds of bedraggled refugees across the border.Now he noticed how bedraggled some of the men looked up close.
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