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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedsidebed‧side /ˈbedsaɪd/ noun [countable usually singular]  bedside_table.jpg DHFthe area beside your bed – used especially when talking about someone who is ill in bedat somebody’s bedside Relatives have been at his bedside all week.bedside lamp/table/cabinet etc The clock on her bedside table said half past four.
Examples from the Corpus
bedsideShe looked at her watch on her bedside table and noted it was eight-thirty.The doctor sat by his bedside.Stephen waited and then put out his bedside light.They fell with a thud upon his bedside chair.She pointed to the mustard-colored plas-tic pitcher on the stainless-steel table by the bedside.William took her empty glass and put it with his on the bedside table.bedside lamp/table/cabinet etcNow she keeps it in her bedside table, treasuring the heavy dark green cloth, the fine embroidery of the badges.She looked at her watch on her bedside table and noted it was eight-thirty.Polly went to her bedside table and took up the little alarm tube.The shrill notes of the telephone, on Anna's bedside table, shocked them awake.Proving very popular are the new serpentine bedside cabinets in real satinwood handpainted with classical motifs, at about £600.She closed the door behind him, put her rape alarm back on the bedside table, and there they were.He threw her off, and started to reach towards the lamp on the bedside table.Not daring to put on the light, she sat up and felt for the glass of water on the bedside table.
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