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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedsitbed‧sit /ˌbedˈsɪt/ (also bedsitter /-ˈsɪtə $ -ər/), bedsitting room /bedˈsɪtɪŋ rʊm, - ruːm/ noun [countable] British English  STAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETCa rented room used for both living and sleeping in
Examples from the Corpus
bedsitPolly thought she lived in a bedsit and that she was being ripped off.The move comes in the wake of the recent Echo Inquiry which exposed the potential danger in flats and bedsits.When they bought it, the upstairs had been made into bedsits.True enough, Morrissey disregarded his original bedsit self pity and began to write from the third person.
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