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beefburgerbeef‧bur‧ger /ˈbiːfbɜːɡə $ -bɜːrɡər/ noun [countable] British English  DFa hamburger
Examples from the Corpus
beefburgerSometimes, too, Ruth had eaten in a snack bar, having saved up her pocket money for a beefburger.While sushi and sake by the Koi pool may never replace burned beefburgers and Black Label, it's a nice thought.Liberated, Ethel frisked with a Jack Russell in a red, spotted scarf and wolfed up a half-eaten beefburger bun.Freezer: Pack of steaks, beefburgers, fish-fingers, peas, runner beans, ready cooked curry meal, cod.Bert had a feeling in his bones that beefburgers might feature.Cattle that go to produce the basic ingredient of that beefburger.Ideal served as hot relish with beefburgers or sausages.
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