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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeehivebee‧hive /ˈbiːhaɪv/ noun [countable]  1 TBa structure where bees are kept for producing honey2 DCa way of arranging a woman’s hair in a high pile on the top of her head, that was popular in the 1960s
Examples from the Corpus
beehiveThus, there is nothing to be found in a beehive that is not submerged in a bee.Some are ruled by single females, in a society even more rigid than that of a beehive.He set up a beehive barricade as bulldozers moved in to dig a pipeline near his land.The Baltimore Hons, with a beehive on the helmet?Many films of my youth were viewed on either side of bouffant and beehive hairdos which filled the centre of the screen.One of the tanks was firing beehive rounds point-blank.Each year he sells the honey from his beehives.
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