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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeenbeen /biːn, bɪn $ bɪn/ verb  1 x-refthe past participle of be2 a) GOused to say that someone has gone to a place and come backbeen to I’ve never been to Japan.have been to do something Have you been to see the Van Gogh exhibition yet? b) British EnglishGO used to say that someone has come to a place and left again The postman hasn’t been yet.3 been there, seen that, done thatGRAMMAR: Comparisonhave beenYou use have been to when someone has visited a place and come back again: She’s been to the hospital for a check-up.You use have been in when someone has lived or stayed in the same place: How long have you been in London?have goneYou use have gone to when someone has travelled to a place and not come back: Mark’s not here. He’s gone to the shops.wentYou use went to to talk about a trip that someone made in the past: Last May I went to a conference in Montreal.
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