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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeenbeen /biːn, bɪn $ bɪn/ verb 🔊 🔊 1 x-refthe past participle of be2 a) GOused to say that someone has gone to a place and come backbeen to 🔊 I’ve never been to Japan.have been to do something 🔊 Have you been to see the Van Gogh exhibition yet? b) British EnglishGO used to say that someone has come to a place and left again 🔊 The postman hasn’t been yet.3 been there, seen that, done thatGRAMMAR: Comparisonhave beenYou use have been to when someone has visited a place and come back again: She’s been to the hospital for a check-up.You use have been in when someone has lived or stayed in the same place: How long have you been in London?have goneYou use have gone to when someone has travelled to a place and not come back: Mark’s not here. He’s gone to the shops.wentYou use went to to talk about a trip that someone made in the past: Last May I went to a conference in Montreal.
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