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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeforebe‧fore1 /bɪˈfɔː $ -ˈfɔːr/ ●●● S1 W1 conjunction  1 BEFOREearlier than a particular event or action opp after Say goodbye before you go. I saw her a few days before she died.2 PREVENTso that something does not or cannot happen Put that money somewhere safe before it gets stolen. That dog ought to be destroyed before it attacks any more children. Before I could say anything more, Holmes had rushed off towards the station.3 used to say that something happens after a period of time It was several minutes before we realised what was happening. It will be a while before we know the results.4 used to say that something must happen in order for something else to be possible You have to pass a test before you can get a licence.5 THREATEN spoken used to warn someone that something bad will happen to them if they do not do something Get out before I call the police!6 BEFOREused to emphasize that someone does not want to do something She would die before she would admit she was wrong.GRAMMAR: Choosing the right tenseYou use the present simple with before to talk about a future event. Don’t use ‘will’. You say: I want to get home before it rains. Don’t say: before it will rain
Examples from the Corpus
beforeWe don't know how long it'll be before I get the cast off my arm.Take that dog indoors before it bites somebody.Lock up your bike before it gets stolen.There's a lot to do before we can submit the proposal.It will be a few days before we know the full results.Before you get angry, try and remember what it was like to be fifteen.Anthony wants to see you before you go.
beforebefore2 ●●● S1 W1 preposition  1 BEFOREearlier than something or someone opp after The new road should be completed before the end of the year. Let’s meet at our house before the show. Larry arrived home before me.five minutes/two hours etc before something Hugh arrived just five minutes before the ceremony.before doing something I usually take a shower before having my breakfast. We only got back from Scotland the day before yesterday (=two days ago). Other students joined in the protest, and before long (=soon) there was a crowd of 200 or so.2 BEFOREahead of someone or something else in a list or order opp after You were before me in the queue. The files are in alphabetical order, so B1 comes before C1.3 FRONTused to say that something happens where it can be watched by people syn in front of Italy will face Brazil this afternoon before a crowd of 100,000 spectators. an actor who had performed before the Queen4 SHOW/LET somebody SEE somethingused to say that someone or something comes to be judged or considered by a person or group of people The proposal was put before the planning committee.5 IMPORTANTused to say that one thing or person is considered more important than another I put my wife and kids before anyone else. In the air transport business, safety must always come before profit.
6 formalFRONT in front of something or someone The priest stood before the altar. The sea stretched out before them.7 FRONTif one place is before another place on a road or journey, the first place is nearer to you than the second, so you will reach it first opp after The pub is 100 metres before the church on the right. the last station before the Simplon Tunnel8 formalDO if there is a job or situation before you, you will have to do the job or face the situation syn ahead of The task of emptying the house lay before us.9 formalBEFORE if a period of time is before you, it is about to start and you can do what you want during it syn in front of We had a glorious summer afternoon before us to do as we pleased. You have your whole life before you.THESAURUSbefore earlier than something or someoneShe could read before she started school.Do you want to have a shower before me?prior to formal before something happensPlease arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure.by no later than a particular time or dateThe children are usually in bed by 9 o'clock.We have to be out of our hotel room by 10 o'clock.earlier before now, or before the time you are talking aboutI saw her earlier.I had sent the letter earlier in the week.previously before now, or before a time in the pastHe previously worked as an electrician.The show starred a previously unknown actress called Jennifer Aniston.in advance before something happens – used especially when talking about the arrangements for somethingLet me know in advance if you are going to be late.The landlord wants three months’ rent in advance.beforehand (also ahead of time) before something happens, especially so that you are readyI wish we had known about all this beforehand.It’s always best to decide beforehand how much you want to pay.
Examples from the Corpus
beforeCall me back before 5.30.My son is most important - he comes before anyone.I visited them just before Christmas.Our daughter was born just before Christmas.No cookies before dinner, Andy.Islington station is one stop before Finsbury Park on the Victoria Line.You should go, before John gets back.I think you were before me in line, weren't you?Denise got there before me.Quality should come before quantity.The priest knelt before the altar.She gave a presentation before the board of directors.The proposal came before the city council a year ago.She trembled before the prospect of meeting him again.Turn left just before the traffic lights.The highway stretched out before them.We had the whole summer before us.This lady was before you, sir.before doing somethingWe lived in Ogden before moving to Salt Lake City.
beforebefore3 ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 BEFOREat an earlier time Haven’t I met you before somewhere? Never before had he seen so many people starving. She looked just the same as before.2 the day/week/month etc before3 FRONT old use ahead of someone or something else The king’s herald walked before.
Examples from the Corpus
beforeI've never been to this restaurant before.I had never seen such an ugly baby before.I know I've seen him somewhere before.Sheila and I became friends in 1995, although we had actually met several years before.The king's guards walked before.Wendell had never been on a plane before.But Garvey and Lucie had to clown more than before.This was a different Fernando from the one she had loved so passionately before.