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before long

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbefore longbefore longSOONsoon or in a short time Before long a large crowd had gathered outside the building. It’s likely that the law will be abolished before long. long
Examples from the Corpus
before longBut if past success is any guide, another Nasdaq company will join the fold before long.His problems had been much more serious than mine, but before long he was accepted by everyone.So I walked down to the sea and before long, I was at the ship and was swimming round it.I found that before long I was eating everything - most people did out of boredom.He supported individual artists financially, and before long Perkins Cove lured them north.Late in 1994, Riley abandoned paper altogether and before long, the Riley Guide moved on to the Web.Stevie would start spinning stuff out of whole cloth to Bill, and before long, the whole camp would fall silent.If news sites waited around before updating their visitors, before long they'd have none to update.
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