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before your time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbefore your timebefore your timea) before you were born or before you started working or living somewhere They say he was a great actor but that was before my time. b) if you do something, especially get old, before your time, you do it before the time when most people usually do it in their lives He seemed to grow into an old man before his time. time
Examples from the Corpus
before your timeThat would be before your time, of course.There is a basic truth in his assertion, for before his time the use of marble was rare in Roman architecture.The men in the farmyard were all Fallschirmjager, hard young men, old before their time with cropped hair.As for this debut, it comes to us regrettably before its time.No, he was before my time.The last family to live there was called Wright, but that was well before my time.In many ways, his books, written in the first three decades of the last century, were before their time.She did not look old; rather, she had become wrinkled before her time.
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