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before your very eyes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbefore your very eyesbefore your very eyes (also (right) in front of your eyes) especially spokenSEE if something happens before your very eyes, it happens where you can clearly see it The murder had apparently taken place before our very eyes. eye
Examples from the Corpus
before your very eyesThe pounds, shillings and pence were dancing before her very eyes.Get them by blasting the goose-neck helicopter that assembles itself before your very eyes!Michael plans to prepare complete meals before your very eyes.He unzipped his fly and peed before their very eyes.One hundred and fifty years of glamour sitting on a stool right before your very eyes, that's what she was.He hadn't even touched her, yet she was in severe danger of coming unglued before his very eyes.It isn't even about having him perform them for us before our very eyes, on demand.
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