1 conjunction
be‧fore1 S1 W1
1 earlier than a particular event or action [≠ after]:
Say goodbye before you go.
I saw her a few days before she died.
see usage note ago
2 so that something does not or cannot happen:
Put that money somewhere safe before it gets stolen.
That dog ought to be destroyed before it attacks any more children.
Before I could say anything more, Holmes had rushed off towards the station.
3 used to say that something happens after a period of time:
It was several minutes before we realised what was happening.
It will be a while before we know the results.
4 used to say that something must happen in order for something else to be possible:
You have to pass a test before you can get a licence.
5 spoken used to warn someone that something bad will happen to them if they do not do something:
Get out before I call the police!
6 used to emphasize that someone does not want to do something:
She would die before she would admit she was wrong.

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