3 adverb
before3 S1 W2
1 at an earlier time:
Haven't I met you before somewhere?
Never before had he seen so many people starving.
She looked just the same as before.

the day/week/month etc before

the previous day, week, month etc:
She was in Paris last week and in Rome the week before.
3 old use ahead of someone or something else:
The king's herald walked before.

ago, before, previously
Use ago to say how much time has passed from the time something happened to now, the time of speaking I saw her a few minutes ago. We went to Madrid two years ago.Use before to say how much time passed from the time something happened to a time in the past We went to the same hotel where we stayed two years before.Previously is used in the same way, but is more formal The meeting was a follow-up to one that had been held four days previously.GRAMMAR!! Do not use a preposition ('at', 'in', 'on' etc) before a phrase with ago They first met fifteen years ago (NOT at/in fifteen years ago).!! Do not use 'since' or 'before' with ago I came to the USA two months ago (NOT since/before two months ago).!! Use the past tense, not the present perfect, with ago I started (NOT I've started) a new job a few weeks ago.See also ago

in front, opposite, face
If something or someone is in front of a building, they are directly outside the front of it Meet me in front of the station.If something or someone is opposite a building, they are outside the front of it on the other side of a street, area of land etc the fields opposite the schoolUse the verb face to say that a building has something outside the front of it My apartment block faces (NOT is in front of) the sea. a house facing the square
in front of, before
!! Use in front of not 'before', to talk about doing something so that people can see or hear you I had to explain myself in front of (NOT before) the whole class.!! Use before, not 'in front of',to talk about the order in which things happen Before starting (NOT In front of starting), let's list what we have to do.See also front

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