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beg the question

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeg the questionbeg the questiona) to make you want to ask a question that has not yet been answeredbeg the question of This proposal begs the question of who is going to pay for the new building. b) to treat an idea as though it were true or had been proved, when this may not be the case beg
Examples from the Corpus
beg the questionTo say that seems to me really to beg the question.To say that sexuality exists in the brain simply begs the question.All this begs the question about the reliability of Mr Dole's gut.Such measures, of course, beg the question in many ways.It is begging the question just to ask it.Plenty of helices are not so stick-like, and of course the argument begs the question of how, rather than why.It begs the question of what pictures will be sacrificed in order to track Sanders.Which rather begs the question-shouldn't there be a governing body that regulates such questionable decisions?
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