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behind closed doors

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbehind closed doorsbehind closed doorsSECRETif something happens behind closed doors, it happens in private and the public are not allowed in It seems that the deal was made behind closed doors. Football authorities ordered the club to play its next two games behind closed doors after the riots in February. closed
Examples from the Corpus
behind closed doorsAnd, unlike most other House panels, the ethics committee conducts virtually all of its business behind closed doors.Real's punishment was to play subsequent matches behind closed doors.Schmoke spent most of his time behind closed doors.We think, but we don't really know what they were saying to each other behind closed doors.Although America is a democracy, a lot of key decisions are made behind closed doors by unelected advisers.The hearings are behind closed doors, Newsweek says, and it has not discovered the names of the companies implicated.As the jurors deliberated behind closed doors, the judge huddled with lawyers from both sides in his chambers.The board members met behind closed doors to discuss the deal.
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