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behind the scenes

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbehind the scenesbehind the scenesSECRETsecretly, while other things are happening publicly Behind the scenes, both sides are working towards an agreement. scene
Examples from the Corpus
behind the scenesAlthough he had retired, Brown remained active behind the scenes for years.But he remained active behind the scenes for years.This production will feature a combination of new faces and veterans on stage and behind the scenes.Whoever is stirring it behind the scenes, we have the entire Cabinet to choose from, as well as Landless.Father Peter Vaghi was lobbying behind the scenes to have himself named pastor.Several sources said Thibadeau is maneuvering behind the scenes to avoid appearances that he is playing a political game.Where the book scores is in its revelations about attitudes towards opera management and about deals that went on behind the scenes.The tournaments are very popular events and the organisation behind the scenes is always excellent.We went behind the scenes for the latest in our series, Inside the Globe.
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