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behind the times

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbehind the timesbehind the timesold-fashioned Our equipment is a bit behind the times. time
Examples from the Corpus
behind the timesWe may be the ones 257 who are behind the times.Once the giants of British retailing, they are now seen as being behind the times.Painting nearly always fifty years or even a hundred behind the times.The company's marketing plan is a little behind the times.New York was not behind the times in strange smells.You're behind the times, Arthur, you're old-fashioned.Newtonmore is a little quiet; some would say behind the times.As we went towards the platforms, I said, she's frightened of seeming behind the times.People in these parts tend to be way behind the times when it comes to issues such as women's rights.I was about fifty years behind the times.
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