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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeleagueredbe‧lea‧guered /bɪˈliːɡəd $ -ərd/ adjective [usually before noun] formal  1 PROBLEMexperiencing a lot of problems or criticism the country’s beleaguered steel industry2 ESCAPEsurrounded by an army Supplies are being brought into the beleaguered city.
Examples from the Corpus
beleagueredThe head of beleaguered Carolco Pictures will become a producer for Paramount Pictures under a multi-year deal, the two companies said.For four days and nights, communal frenzy added a tragic dimension to this hapless and beleaguered city.The Hillsborough disaster seemed to encourage a period of self-reflection and greater public sympathy for the beleaguered game of soccer.In early November Singh's beleaguered government lost a vote of confidence in the Lok Sabha.The beleaguered ones might threaten complaint.a beleaguered politicianWith school being such a lifeline for my beleaguered psyche, the long summer vacation presented a uniquely gloomy and purgatorial prospect.There was no respite for the beleaguered retail sector.A peace treaty has been accepted by the leaders of the beleaguered village.
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