Date: 1100-1200
Origin: Probably from Old English geleafa 'belief', from leafa 'belief, faith'; influenced by believe


be‧lief S3 W2
1 [singular, uncountable] the feeling that something is definitely true or definitely existsCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
a strong/firm belief a sincere/passionate belief it is somebody's belief that a mistaken/false belief a widespread/common/widely held belief (=something that many people think) a deeply held/strongly held belief (=something you believe very much) a growing belief popular belief (=what most people think) contrary to popular belief (=despite what most people think)
belief that
his passionate belief that technology is a tool to be used with imagination
It is my belief that we will find a cure for cancer in the next ten years.
Thieves broke into the building in the mistaken belief that there was expensive computer equipment inside.
It is a widely held belief that violent crime is increasing.
a strongly held belief that stealing is wrong
a growing belief that war was inevitable
Contrary to popular belief, eating carrots does not improve your eyesight.
2 [singular] the feeling that something is good and can be trusted
belief in
If you're selling, you have to have genuine belief in the product.
When you get something wrong, it can shake your belief in yourself.
3 [countable] an idea that you believe to be true, especially one that forms part of a system of ideas:
religious beliefs
Several members hold very right-wing beliefs.

beyond belief

used to emphasize that something is so extreme that it is difficult to believe:
What she did was stupid beyond belief.

➔ it beggars belief

at beggar2 (1)

; ➔ to the best of your belief

at best3 (4), disbelief, unbelief

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