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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbelievablebe‧liev‧a‧ble /bəˈliːvəbəl/ adjective  BELIEVEsomething that is believable can be believed because it seems possible, likely, or real a story with believable characters in it That scenario is entirely believable.
Examples from the Corpus
believableHardly anything they put on the news programs these days is believable.Very laudable, Leo, but hardly believable.We will be able to judge which candidate is more believable.I promise you, Doctor, the solution is quite believable.In fact, it will make anything else you say less believable.It consistently indulged in folies de grandeur - and somehow it made them believable.In the opener, the action is believable, and the effects sharp.The plot is believable, but the characters aren't very interesting.The movie is spectacular but believable, exciting yet cerebral.Her story is told in a straightforward, believable fashion.One of the differences between life and writing is that writing always has to be believable whereas life isn't!
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