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ldoce_021_dbellbell /bel/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 DTa piece of electrical equipment that makes a ringing sound, used as a signal or to get someone’s attentionring/press the bell πŸ”Š He rang the bell and waited for someone to answer the door. πŸ”Š She pressed the bell for the nurse.a bell rings/goes πŸ”Š The bell went and everyone rushed out of the classroom.2 bell.jpg RDa hollow metal object like a cup with a piece of metal hanging inside it, that makes a ringing noise when it moves or you shake it πŸ”Š church bells3 β†’ give somebody a bell4 CFsomething that is shaped like a bell πŸ”Š the bell of a flower β†’ alarm bells ring at alarm1(5), β†’ as clear as a bell at clear1(10), β†’ ring a bell at ring2(4), β†’ diving bell, doorbellCOLLOCATIONS – Meaning 2: a hollow metal object like a cup with a piece of metal hanging inside it, that makes a ringing noise when it moves or you shake itverbsa bell ringsI could hear the church bells ringing in the distance.ring a bellHe was ringing a big brass bell.a bell rings out (=it rings loudly)The bells rang out to celebrate the end of the war.a bell soundsSomewhere across the valley a bell sounded.a bell chimes (=it rings a certain number of times, in order to tell you the time of day)The bells began to chime, calling people to church.a bell tolls (=it slowly rings with a long low sound, when someone has died)The church bell was tolling mournfully as the carriage entered the cemetery gate.a bell tinkles (=a small bell rings with a gentle high sound)We were sleeping under the stars, camel bells tinkling in a cool breeze.NOUN + bella church bellShe woke on Sunday morning to the sound of church bells.wedding bells (=rung when people marry in a church)Mark and Bridget seem very happy and we expect to hear wedding bells soon. phrasesa peal of bells (=the sound of bells being rung several times)From the temple he could hear the peal of bells.
Examples from the Corpus
bellβ€’ Attach a bell to the cat's collar to warn birds.β€’ A lemon, a bell and a cherry.β€’ It didn't ring any bells.β€’ Past Four Court dominant as church bells.β€’ She was just about to make some coffee, when the front door bell rang.β€’ The guards and porters walked about, the bell was rung, the signal was given ad the train started off.β€’ Raise the heat slightly and add the bell peppers.β€’ When you hear the bell, stop writing.β€’ She debated whether to sit down on the carpet for a while but shook herself and rang the bell.β€’ The bell sounded to end the fight.β€’ Add tomatoes, bell pepper and spice mixture and cook 1 hour.ring/press the bellβ€’ With her heart in her mouth she entered the imposing portals of Mon RΓ©, and rang the bell.β€’ I went right up the front walk, mounted the porch steps and rang the bell, then rang it again.β€’ The excitement of Cynthia's revelation had been too much for her and Cynthia now anxiously rang the bell for the nurse.β€’ I rang the bell again, heard steps, and then the door was opened by Mrs Ahronson!β€’ I rang the bell and heard steps on a hardwood floor.β€’ You couldn't ring the bell or they would go mad.β€’ The whole plastic notion of a pop star begins to ring the bells of truth.
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