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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbelovedbe‧lov‧ed1 /bɪˈlʌvɪd/ adjective  LIKE somebody OR something literary or humorous loved very much by someone He never recovered from the death of his beloved daughter. He’s always talking about his beloved computer!beloved of/by a book beloved of children everywhere
Examples from the Corpus
belovedTom's beloved 1965 Ford Mustang convertibleYou know what your beloved Commies do when they take over, Griffiths?George had no illusions about his beloved daughter.There were his beloved grandparents and supportive aunts, who lived too far away to protect him from his pain.Maybe it was time Anna faced reality and dealt with the truth about her beloved grandson.But for once in her life, not even her beloved radio could distract her.beloved of/byThey do not fit their newly found knowledge into the neat compartments so beloved by academics.I think he is beloved by Alice Fenwick, but does not see her devotion.A glassy stone beloved by ancient toolmakers, obsidian was found only in two prehistoric spots in Arizona prior to the 1980s.Steve Spurrier is too volatile, too aloof, to be beloved by any non-Gator.The projection of triangles Projective geometry evolved out of the geometric perspective, beloved of Renaissance architects, engineers and painters.One unfortunate maiden after another beloved of the gods had had to kill her child secretly or be killed herself.They were rich also in flocks and beloved of the gods.Contemporary locomotives are carved on their headstones, which also bear nauseating rhyming epitaphs of the kind so beloved by the Victorians.
belovedbeloved2 noun   my/her etc beloved dearly beloved at dearly(3)
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