Language: Old English
Origin: benc


1 noun
Related topics: Daily Life
bench1 S2 W3

outdoor seat

[countable]D a long seat for two or more people, especially outdoors:
We sat on a park bench.

in a law court

the bench

a) the seat where a judge or magistrate sits in a court of law:
Would the prisoner please approach the bench?
b) SCL the position of being a judge or magistrate in a court of law:
He was appointed to the bench last year.
sit/serve on the bench (=work as a judge or magistrate)


the bench

DS the seat where members of a sports team sit when they are not playing in the game:
Batts and Dorigo are on the bench tonight.
Simpson came off the bench to play in midfield.



[plural] British EnglishPGP the seats in the British parliament where members of a particular party sit:
There was cheering from the Conservative benches.
backbench, backbenches, front bench


[countable]TIC a long heavy table used for working on with tools or equipment:
a carpenter's bench

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