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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeneathbe‧neath /bɪˈniːθ/ ●●● W2 adverb, preposition formal  1 UNDER/BELOWin or to a lower position than something, or directly under something syn underneath The dolphins disappeared beneath the waves. Jo enjoyed feeling the warm sand beneath her feet. He was standing on the bridge looking at the river beneath. Some roofs collapsed beneath the weight of (=unable to support the weight of) so much snow.see thesaurus at underRegisterIn everyday English, people usually use underneath (as an adverb or preposition) or under (as a preposition) when talking about position:They hid under the table.a picture with a caption underneath2 covered by something Shiona shivered beneath the bedclothes.3 HIDE/NOT SHOWused to say that someone’s real character or feelings are not shown because their appearance or behaviour is different syn underneath Dave sensed that something more sinister lay beneath the woman’s cheerful exterior. Beneath the surface she was angry.4 SUITABLEnot good enough or suitable for someone She acts as if even speaking to us is beneath her. He felt it would be beneath his dignity to comment. His mother felt he was marrying beneath him (=marrying someone who was not good enough). I consider such behaviour to be beneath contempt (=so bad that you have no respect for the person involved).5 POSITION/RANKin a lower, less important rank or job than someone else syn below
Examples from the Corpus
beneathHe stood on the bridge, looking at the river beneath.The whales are black or gray on top, with white beneath.beneath the weight ofApple trees were straining beneath the weight of a bumper crop of what looked like Cox's orange pippins.The shelves around him, which were built to the ceiling, were bowed beneath the weight of his trove.It ultimately collapses beneath the weight of its deception.Beneath the surfaceEven this may still leave some hidden agendas lurking beneath the surface.Yet, when we dig a little deeper, we find simply another style of moral paternalism lies buried beneath the surface.The golden iridescence of Cassida and its allies is produced by a film of moisture beneath the surface cuticle.The mud beneath the surface dragged at his boots, which seemed to be weighted with lead.Forty-five miles beneath the surface, the layer known as the asthenosphere begins.They swim beneath the surface with sharp black fins, waiting to attack.beneath ... dignityHazar, an Arabian stallion, felt that halter classes at shows were rather beneath his dignity.He made it quite clear that much speech was beneath his dignity.It is as if the academic community takes the view that theories on ancient astronauts are beneath their dignity.Oh, no! that would be beneath her dignity.Some youngsters respond to persuasion and the idea that to do certain things is beneath their dignity.They viewed such methods as a necessary evil, unavoidable yet somehow beneath their dignity.It was all beneath his dignity, this business of charging around with rifles in your hand and going on parade.It was as if, in some strange way, it was beneath his dignity to take an interest in her.
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