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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbenefactorben‧e‧fac‧tor /ˈbenəˌfæktə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  GIVEsomeone who gives money for a good purpose An anonymous benefactor donated $2 million.benefactor of/to a generous benefactor of the university
Examples from the Corpus
benefactorMuch effort went into tracing remote family connections abroad on the off chance of identifying a benefactor.Kazanow grins sheepishly at the cheers before rejoining the fray below, the easy warmth between band and benefactor plainly apparent.The painting was bought by an anonymous benefactor, and donated to the Museum of Modern Art.Getty had been the museum's chief benefactor.During his short stay in Madeira, he was a great benefactor of the island.It is doubtful whether fiction writers are public benefactors, or their publishers philanthropists.Both sides, the benefactor and beneficiary, were equally needy.Fifty four years later the boys and their families came together again to honour their benefactors in the garden at the Manor.The museum received $5 million from an unnamed benefactor.benefactor of/toShe also was a benefactor to other health support groups and animal charities.It was proposed that all benefactors of 20 guineas perannum should be governors while their payments were maintained.The more immediate concern, namely, self-preservation, had made friends and benefactors of their former enemies.A leading member and benefactor of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, he was secretary and president.Furthermore, the City of Detroit is the chief benefactor of much indirect revenue sharing.During his short stay in Madeira, he was a great benefactor of the island.Airline companies have not been known to show much gratitude when suddenly becoming the benefactor of a research proposal.Why limit the benefactors of an amendment only to those offended by flag desecration?
From Longman Business Dictionarybenefactorben‧e‧fac‧tor /ˈbenəfæktə-ər/ noun [countable]FINANCE someone who gives money for a good purposeAn anonymous benefactor has donated $100,000 towards building the hospital.
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