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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeneficialben‧e‧fi‧cial /ˌbenɪˈfɪʃəl◂/ ●●○ AWL adjective  HELPhaving a good effect opp detrimental a drug that has a beneficial effect on the immune systembeneficial to/for Cycling is highly beneficial to health and the environment. an arrangement that is mutually beneficial (=it has advantages for everyone who is involved)beneficially adverb
Examples from the Corpus
beneficialThe twenty-five articles of the decree were far-reaching and generally beneficial.To complete this traditional picture, it has to be repeated that production was always held to be beneficial.The occasional glass of wine is both enjoyable and beneficial.The relationship between the two companies has been mutually beneficial.Some of those diets were the result of a mutually beneficial alliance between physicians and food producers.beneficial changesBut there are no convincing reasons for believing that this would have a beneficial effect on economic performance.There is no evidence that the diet pills have any beneficial effect on weight loss.This treatment can be very beneficial, especially to young children.Although the formal agenda item is always very useful, perhaps even more beneficial is the process of sharing.Recent studies show that moderate amounts of alcohol are beneficial to health.Alcohol taken in moderation can be beneficial to health.beneficial effectAn ordinance not limited to the favored topics, for example, would have precisely the same beneficial effect.Giving the puppies a companion, or playthings, failed to have such a beneficial effect.Late opening of an occluded coronary artery may also have some beneficial effect.The beneficial effects and side effects are similar to the other anticholinergic drugs, although the drug also has some antihistamine properties.Claims about the beneficial effects of its products on children's intelligence recently landed a company called Larkhall Natural Health in trouble.We hope that further studies support these very beneficial effects of support during labor.This creeping classical conundrum could have untold beneficial effects on the population as a whole.However, an agreement did not qualify for exemption if its beneficial effects were only indispensable within a national market.