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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbenevolentbe‧nev‧o‧lent /bəˈnevələnt/ adjective  KINDkind and generous A benevolent uncle paid for her to have music lessons. a benevolent smilesee thesaurus at kindbenevolence noun [uncountable]benevolently adverb
Examples from the Corpus
benevolentDeep down inside, you see, I still believed that life was basically benevolent.The integration of state and society favoured a benevolent and expansive concept of the role of the state.Despite the fear abductees have experienced, the Greys are benevolent, Brown said.Work / family programs are typically benevolent in intent but difficult to justify in business terms.a benevolent, kindly manArthur Jaffe was not a benevolent man at the best of times.Instead of yelling, try a benevolent silence.He smiled in a benevolent sort of way when he said this.money for benevolent work
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