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bereavedbe‧reaved /bəˈriːvd/ adjective  1 MXhaving lost a close friend or relative because they have recently died a bereaved mother2 the bereaved
Examples from the Corpus
bereavedBoth were bereaved, and both were seasoned adventurers.The bereaved are dimly aware of these feelings, and are equally embarrassed about displaying tears.Bereaved family members are demanding more information about the plane crash.To a very recently bereaved family who are struggling with a multiplicity of emotions this early attention to fees can seem mercenary.The bereaved mother stood by her son's grave.When I was working at a hospice I followed up bereaved people who it was felt might need some support.This in itself provides a complicated emotional scenario for the bereaved person to cope with.Begin by listening carefully to how the bereaved speak about their loss.And, as to the bereaved, their words glowed with the grateful confidence that their own worlds were still intact.When it comes to death, counselling the dying, or helping the bereaved, we Christians have become secularised.
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