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beretbe‧ret /ˈbereɪ $ bəˈreɪ/ noun [countable]  beret.jpg DCCa round cap with a tight band around the head and a soft loose top part
Examples from the Corpus
beretSitting in Les Deux Magots wearing a beret is not necessarily being a critical learner.This mournfully bright menial Val wore high heels and a black beret.He has made a few concessions to fashion, however, notably a black beret.The first showed three soldiers in the cockpit of an armoured car, two with helmets, one with a black beret.The cherry berets made meticulous house-searches, even digging up the floors of some places, going into roof spaces with torches.But the unit will retain a distinctive identity by having tan berets.Antoinette wore her new blue suit and white beret.
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