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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbesidebe‧side /bɪˈsaɪd/ ●●● S3 W2 preposition  1 NEXT TOnext to or very close to the side of someone or something Wendy came up and sat beside me. the table beside the bed I was standing right beside her at the time.Do not confuse beside (=next to) and besides (=in addition to): He sat down beside Mary. | Who was there besides you?2 COMPAREin comparison with something or someone This year’s sales figures don’t look very good beside last year’s results. The children seemed tiny beside him.3 be beside yourself4 be beside the point
Examples from the Corpus
besideDelhi is so old that many European cities actually look young beside it.Tom's efforts seemed so weak beside Martin's.Ella came and sat down beside me.Gary, come sit beside me.On the table beside the bed were several medicine bottles.The loss of the port pales beside the gain of a peace treaty.a cabin beside the lakeThey were sitting beside the pool, eating breakfast.right besideIt was pumping from something right beside her, pooling around her legs.Cardiff froze in his tracks, and now the others were right beside him; all staring back at this impossible sight.A lighted taper appeared in mid-air, right beside him.Lincoln stayed right beside me, pressing against me as I yanked on the car door, having trouble getting it open.And Miguel would be sitting right beside Spider, like his old lieutenant.Turn right beside the stream to junction with main river.And right beside them were graduates from Yale, Stanford, and Penn.
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