Language: Old English
Origin: be sidan 'at or to the side'


beā€§side S3 W2
1 next to or very close to the side of someone or something:
Wendy came up and sat beside me.
the table beside the bed
I was standing right beside her at the time.
! Do not confuse beside (=next to) and besides (=in addition to): He sat down beside Mary. | Who was there besides you?
2 in comparison with something or someone:
This year's sales figures don't look very good beside last year's results.
The children seemed tiny beside him.

be beside yourself

to be feeling so angry, excited etc that you find it difficult to control yourself:
The poor girl was almost beside herself.
be beside yourself with anger/excitement/rage etc
Mom and Dad will be beside themselves with worry.

be beside the point

to not be directly connected with the main subject or problem that you are talking about:
He's very charming, but that's beside the point.

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