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best dress/shoes/clothes etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbest dress/shoes/clothes etcbest dress/shoes/clothes etcBESTclothing that you keep for special occasions I put on my best suit for the wedding. best
Examples from the Corpus
best dress/shoes/clothes etcThe best car, the wittiest put-down, and the best dress.They would never let you in alone, even though you are wearing your best clothes.The princess arrayed herself in her best clothes and jewels.I washed them, then dressed them in their best clothes, but never new ones.She had her best shoes on, and a new hat.She had the best dress sense of any girl in Benedict's and a passion for altering the colour of her hair.Everyone was in black because their best clothes were for funerals, and everyone danced.The first best clothes were only for Sunday and when visitors came.
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