Language: Old English
Origin: betst


1 adjective
best1 S1 W1 [superlative of good]
1 better than anything else or anyone else in quality, skill, how effective it is etc:
He won the best actor award.
What's the best way to cook this fish?
The best thing to do is to stop worrying.
it's best to do something
It's best to go later in the season.
easily the best/by far the best (=much better than anything else)
John's idea is by far the best option.
Our pilots are given the best possible training.
We use only the very best ingredients.

best friend

the friend that you know and like better than anyone else:
She was my best friend in college.

best dress/shoes/clothes etc

clothing that you keep for special occasions:
I put on my best suit especially.

the next best thing

something that is not exactly what you want but is as similar to it as possible:
If sterile equipment isn't available, the next best thing is to clean equipment with disinfectant.

best of all

used to introduce the fact about a situation that is even better than the other good things:
It's clean and well-located, but best of all, it's affordable.

best before

British English written on food packets with the date which the food should be eaten before:
Best before 13 July.
a best-before date

➔ be on your best behaviour

at behaviour (2)

; ➔ your best bet

at bet2 (2)

; ➔ the best/better part of

at part1 (6)

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