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better/harder/worse etc still

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbetter/harder/worse etc stillbetter/harder/worse etc still (also still better/harder/worse etc) even better, harder etc than something else Dan found biology difficult, and physics harder still. still
Examples from the Corpus
better/harder/worse etc stillBut perhaps the early evening was better still?I thought that it would soon pass, and it did - for you to work harder still.I started to hunt for a cheap restaurant or, better still, a snack shop.And 245 specialty stock funds that focus on particular industries did better still, averaging a 6. 5 percent gain.He didn't talk because he was afraid of losing the pole or, worse still, falling in.Or better still, make a real talent show instead.Or better still, there was the village school practically next door!With hindsight, it would have better still to lock in a few more gains.
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