Language: Old English
Origin: betera


1 adjective
Related topics: Illness and Disability
bet‧ter1 S1 W1
1 [comparative of good] more useful, interesting, satisfactory, effective, suitable etc [≠ worse]:
Your stereo is better than mine.
There must be a better way to do this.
a better-quality car
much/a lot/far better
We now have a much better understanding of the disease.
better still/even better
It was even better than last year.
! Better is a comparative form. Do not say 'more better'.
2 [comparative of well]
a) more healthy or less ill or painful than before [≠ worse]:
She is a little better today, the doctor says.
I'm feeling much better, thank you.
b) MI completely well again after an illness:
When you're better we can see about planning a trip.
I hope he gets better (=recovers from an illness) soon.

it is better/it would be better

used to give your opinion or make a suggestion about what you think should be done or happen
it is better to do something
It's much better to get a proper written agreement.
it is better/it would be better if
It might be better if you stayed here.

get better

to improve:
Her English isn't really getting any better.
Things can only get better.

no better

a) not better than something else or something before:
The following day the weather was no better.
b) used to say that something is the best
there is no better way/example/place etc
There's no better way of exploring the region.

nothing better

a) used to say that you really like something or think that something is very good
like/love/enjoy nothing better (than)
She likes nothing better than a nice long walk along the beach.
There's nothing better than beating someone who's playing well.
b) used to say that a thing or situation is not very good, but is the only thing possible or available
have nothing better to do
Have you got nothing better to do than sit there playing that silly game?
I only picked it up because there was nothing better to read.

that's better

spoken used to say that something has improved, that you are happier or more comfortable, or to encourage someone:
Ah, that's better. I needed to sit down.
'Can you turn it down?' 'Is that better?'

better late than never

spoken used to say that even if something happens late or someone arrives late, this is better than it not happening or their not arriving at all

➔ your better half/other half

at half2 (8)

➔ the best/better part of something

at part1 (9)

➔ against your better judgment

at judgment (1)

➔ somebody's better nature

at nature (2)

➔ better luck next time

at luck1 (14)

➔ better the devil you know

at devil (11)

➔ have seen better days

at see1 (30)

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