2 adverb
better2 S1 W1 [comparative of well]
1 to a higher standard or quality [≠ worse]:
He can speak French a lot better than I can.
Your bike will run better if you oil it.

➔ fare better

at fare2
2 to a higher degree [= more]:
She knows this town better than you do.
I think I like the red one better.
Potter is better known for his TV work.

had better

a) used to give advice about what someone should do or to say what you should do or need to do:
I'd better go and get ready.
I think you'd better ask Jo first.
Better just check she's okay.
You had better not tell Oliver (=it is not a good idea).
b) used to threaten someone:
You'd better keep your mouth shut about this.
! In speech, people usually shorten had to 'd, and may not pronounce it at all. But do not leave out had or 'd in writing: You'd better come here (NOT You better)!

do better

to perform better or reach a higher standard:
We did better than all the other schools.
You can do better than that!

the sooner the better/the bigger the better etc

used to emphasize that you would prefer something to happen as soon as possible, want something to be as big as possible etc:
School finishes at the end of the week, and the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.
The younger you start learning a language, the better you'll speak it.

go one better (than somebody)

informal to do something more successfully than someone else:
The following year Lewis went one better by winning the gold medal.
Of course, they had to go one better and have the whole garden redesigned.

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