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between you and me

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbetween you and mebetween you and me (also between ourselves) spokenSECRET used before telling someone something that you do not want them to tell anyone else Between you and me, I think Schmidt’s about to resign. between
Examples from the Corpus
between you and meI wanted everything to start afresh between you and me.Look, Miranda, he said, those twenty long years that lie between you and me.This has to stay between you and me.But just between you and me and a few hundred miles, thoughts of ancient spirits still trail closely behind.But - between you and me - he's really past it.Between you and me, I don't think she has a chance of getting that promotion.Between you and me, I think Elizabeth is a bit of a nightmare.In fact, between you and me, I think she's relieved.You know the difference between you and me, Sherman?C'mon, secretly just between you and me the voice persisted in her head, it would be hard not to.
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