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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbevybev‧y /ˈbevi/ noun [singular]  GROUP OF PEOPLEa large group of people of the same kind, especially girls or young womenbevy of a bevy of beauties
Examples from the Corpus
bevyFinally, there's a bevy of Aussie and homegrown soap stars in Aladdin at the Apollo in Oxford.Clicking on any category brings up a bevy of lovely women.The row started when a bevy of movie stars appeared at the White House correspondents' dinner on May 1st.A bevy of women, old and young, wait their turn to embrace her.In the wild, they can often be sighted migrating in bevies of a hundred or more birds.Security guards held hordes at bay, while men with binoculars eyed the bevy from vans.He was always friendly enough, but seemed fully occupied with the bevy of young beach-boys who seemed to swarm around him.bevy ofa limousine surrounded by a bevy of screaming teenagers
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