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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbewilderedbe‧wil‧dered /bɪˈwɪldəd $ -ərd/ ●○○ adjective  CONFUSEDtotally confused a bewildered expression on his facesee thesaurus at confused
Examples from the Corpus
bewilderedThe kids felt bewildered and betrayed by the divorce.When he did see that I was speaking the truth, he was bewildered and hurt.But I can see that you are bewildered, and I know why.At first she was bewildered by all the noise and activity of the city.Republicans in Strabane are bewildered by the case.Diana was flattered, flustered and bewildered by the passion she had aroused in a man twelve years her senior.She was confused, upset and bewildered by the train of events.The poor bewildered creature was being mobbed by rooks.Reaching the ridge, a logjam of bewildered novices develops.Stunned and bewildered, Polly stared at him.Police took a burglary report from a bewildered resident.He was bewildered to find three policemen at the front door.
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