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beyond somebody’s wildest dreams

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeyond somebody’s wildest dreamsbeyond somebody’s wildest dreamsEXPECTbeyond anything that someone imagined or hoped for an invention that was to change our lives beyond our wildest dreams wild
Examples from the Corpus
beyond somebody’s wildest dreamsThe business has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.But for vast numbers of children in the developing world, such gifts are beyond their wildest dreams.Our mission reaps rewards far beyond our wildest dreams!Six years ago, Dexter and Birdie Yager had succeeded in their business beyond their wildest dreams.To the contrary, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.It is riches beyond my wildest dreams and well worth fighting the Second World War for.The cartel succeeded beyond its wildest dreams: by last month the price was brushing $ 30.Route 66 Magazine, a three-year-old quarterly, is growing beyond the wildest dreams of its publisher, Paul Taylor.It was a world beyond my wildest dreams; one I had only seen on celluloid in the cinema at Fontanellato.
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