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biblicalbib‧li‧cal /ˈbɪblɪkəl/ adjective [usually before noun]  1 RRCrelating to or written in the Bible The disease dates back to biblical times.biblical story/text/reference the biblical story of Noah2 of biblical proportions
Examples from the Corpus
biblicalBoth he and Wilkins were able to invoke past precedent for their concepts of biblical accommodation.It is hard to refute these biblical arguments.So the recommendations are a helpful guideline, not a biblical edict.Recent discoveries suggest that the biblical Garden of Eden was less metaphoric that we presumed.We would argue that the chain-of command perspective is neither a biblical nor a psychologically sound pattern for the marriage relationship.The Church cites biblical prohibitions to support its position, but Jim found these ambiguous.Traces of Parisian teaching are to be found in some of Innocent's letters, with their biblical quotations and scholastic distinctions.The second important task of historical criticism is to verify information found in the biblical sources.biblical timesAn overwhelming body of evidence indicates that Nazareth did not exist in biblical times.Not much later a man who was probably a Samaritan composed another history of biblical times.In biblical times, according to the book of Leviticus, women at work were valued at thirty silver shekels.Mr Harel may still live in biblical times, but I happen to live in the present.Although my subject is medieval history, we used to read and discuss all history from biblical times onward.
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