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bide your time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbide your timebide your timeWAITto wait until the right moment to do something They are stronger than us and can afford to bide their time. bide
Examples from the Corpus
bide your timeBe patient, tolerant and bide your time.Or wiser than we are; silent and strong, biding their time?Where does it bide its time?He has bided his time, and now he feels he has arrived.Some say they're biding their time before becoming more aggressive again.Keenan certainly bided his time before coming forward to lodge his complaints.Bide your time, Lissa, she told herself, bide your time.The nurse was biding her time till another idea came to her that would put her on top again.Investors are biding their time, trying to figure out what the next successful stock will be.
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