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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbifocalsbi‧fo‧cals /baɪˈfəʊkəlz $ ˈbaɪfoʊ-/ noun [plural]  MDspecial glasses with an upper part made for seeing things that are far away, and a lower part made for readingbifocal adjective
Examples from the Corpus
bifocalsYou see two-zip in this Series, pal, you better give up those drugstore bifocals.Her eyes loomed behind her bifocals.Discreetly Pamela put on her bifocals and craned her neck.Mom wore large bifocals with Sophia Loren frames and a pastel polyester pantsuit that stretched over her abdomen.He had a pair of rimless bifocals in one hand, chewing on one of the stems as he read.For instance, it was by trusting the bifocals of Euhemerus that Heinrich Schliemann rediscovered Troy.An effort to look through bifocals put a jaunty thrust in Lois's small chin.
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