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Big Bang, the

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Big Bang, thethe Big BangBig Bang, the noun  1 the explosion at the beginning of time, which most scientists believe caused the universe to exist the Big Bang theory2 the name given to the changes in the system and rules of the London stock exchange which came into effect on December 27th 1986 By October 1987, a year after Big Bang, the inflated City salaries were slipping.
From Longman Business DictionaryBig BangˌBig ˈBang nounFINANCE1the Big Bang a popular name for the major changes that happened on the London STOCK EXCHANGE in 1986, which ended the differences between JOBBERs and BROKERs, and the system of fixed COMMISSIONs on buying and selling shares2the Big Bang a name for similar events in other financial centresThe Big Bang opened the protected world of French broking to powerful and well-capitalized banks.
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