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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbig-bonedˌbig-ˈboned adjective  a big-boned person is large without being fat
Examples from the Corpus
big-bonedMaura was tall, nearly five ten, and big-boned.She was tall, big-boned and well-covered, with grey hair as coarse as a horse's tail straying from her mob-cap.Among the four sisters, she was considered the plain one, with her tall, big-boned body and large-featured face.Her big-boned body felt clumsy and she placed the tray on the coffee table with a loud clatter.If you are big-boned or tall, avoid small jewellery, belts and handbags.She was a tall, big-boned woman whose straight blond hair was faded, and tinged with gray.
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