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big bucks

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbig bucksˌbig ˈbucks noun [plural] especially American English informal  a lot of money Her parents spent big bucks on her wedding.
Examples from the Corpus
big bucksMaybe it's the nations healthy suspicion of flash gestures and big bucks.Then he told the truth: He and the wife were giving a speech for big bucks in California.And it provides lists of San Francisco Bay area residents who have handed big bucks to candidates.Want great graphics without spending big bucks on software?At the same time, employees see their CEOs raking in the big bucks.The pair are said to dislike each other intensely - only the lure of the big bucks they make keeps them together.Become a student and get paid the big bucks.The big bucks have not changed her life much either, Brandt avers.
From Longman Business Dictionarybig bucksˌbig ˈbucks noun [plural] informal a lot of moneyHe’s now very successful and making big bucks.
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